Manipulation and Headaches???

Manipulation and Tension Headaches
in the AMA Journal

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Spinal Manipulation in the Treatment of Episodic Tension-Type Headache:
A Randomized Controlled Trial

JAMA 1998 (Nov 11);   280 (18):   1576-1579

Letters to JAMA in response to the article
"Spinal Manipulation for Tension-type Headache"

JAMA 1999 (Jul 21);   282 (3):

An osteopath tries to distance OMT from the techniques which Bove et. al. utilized, and the author's respond to chiropractor's questions about combining several treatment methods in the study.

"Spinal manipulation appears to not be helpful for tension headaches:
No better than placebo for reducing headache duration, intensity or medication use"

American Medical Association Science News Updates
Week of November 11, 1998

My Correspondence with the author, Dr. Geoffrey Bove, November 11, 1998

   Comments from the Chiropractic Research and Academic Community   

FCER's statement on the JAMA study

ACA's statement on the JAMA study

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