Middle Ear Infections and Chiropractic

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Following our recent theme that chiropractic can help children, here’s a link to a CBS News report on how chiropractic helps chronic ear infections.

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You may wonder, how can chiropractic help reduce or eliminate that kind of infection? Great question! Read on.

Our nervous system controls the smooth muscles that move food through our digestive system, eggs from the ovaries to the uterus, and drain the middle ear into our throats, through something called peristaltic motion.

Subluxations of the upper cervical spine can slow, halt or even reverse this drainage of the middle ear, turning the eustachian tubes into a convenient transport mechanism for bacteria to colonize the middle ear. Considerable research has already demonstrated that antibiotics have minimal to no impact on otitis media.

The beauty is that chiropractic is very safe and has also been shown to be effective for relieving symptoms of chronic middle ear infections. When normal peristaltic motion is returned to the eustachian tubes, the middle ear drains again, and infections frequently stop. It’s just that simple!

This same mechanism also helps to explain why chiropractic has been found to be effective for improving female fertility and reducing the suffering of endometriosis.

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