In Support of Chiropractic (and Maintenance) Care

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Although I prefer the term “stabilizing care”, maintenance care remains a controversial topic, at least with insurance providers and the science buffs who claim that only randomized trials are “proof”.

I invite you to read Ron Rupert, D.C,.’s article “Maintenance Care: Health Promotion Services Administered to US Chiropractic Patients Aged 65 and Older, Part II” as it reports some very interesting statistics:

  • The cost of health care for patients receiving MC in this study was far less than that for patients of similar age in the general population, despite the doubling of physician visits (chiropractic visits vs. medical visits). The greatest difference in health care costs with patients receiving maintenance care was in the areas of nursing care and, especially, hospital care.

    This reduced need for hospital and nursing home services has recently been corroborated by the research of Coulter et al. [Review the Coulter et al statistics]

  • Chiropractic patients receiving maintenance care, when compared with US citizens of the same age, spent only 31% of the national average for health care services and reported a 50% reduction in medical provider visits!.

  • The health habits of patients receiving maintenance care were better overall than the general population, including decreased use of cigarettes and non-prescription drugs. Furthermore, 95.8% believed the care to be either “considerably” or “extremely” valuable.

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