MDs Admit Low Confidence In Diagnosing Musculoskeletal Complaints in Children

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SOURCE:   Journal of Pediatrics 2009 (Feb); 154 (2): 267–271

Sharmila Jandial, Andrea Myers, Elspeth Wise, Helen E. Foster

Musculoskeletal Research Group,
Newcastle University, Newcastle Upon Tyne,
United Kingdom. sharmila.

A recent study, published in the Journal of Pediatrics, details the results of sending questionnaires to a broad spectrum of British medical providers (practicing in Primary Care, Pediatrics, Emergency Care, and Orthopedics management). These doctors were asked to self-rate their confidence in pediatric musculoskeletal clinical assessment.

The depressing results are that 73% of these doctors graded themselves as having “low” to “no” confidence in their pediatric assessment skills. [1]

Considering that musculoskeletal complaints are the primary reason that parents bring their children to a medical provider [2], it’s no wonder that more and more parents now bring their children to the undisputed leader in NMS management…chiropractors. [3]


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