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The Alabama State Chiropractic Association (ASCA) conducted a survey of member practitioners in 2010 regarding the scope of practice in Alabama. Overall, results indicated that a majority of surveyed chiropractors are in favor of the inclusion of injectable vitamins and nutrients and prescriptive rights in the scope of practice…

Within the group of 255 respondents, 63 percent percent agreed or strongly agreed that chiropractic is a drugless alternative to allopathic medical care, and the same proportion of respondents felt that chiropractic is the detection and correction of subluxations. Seventy-six percent agreed that subluxation is an important cause of disease and correction can restore health.

However, 41 percent responded that the chiropractic profession should abandon the term subluxation and focus on a broader scope of practice in general. A majority were also in favor of chiropractors utilizing injectable vitamins and nutrients (58 percent), as well as prescriptions of certain drugs (60 percent).

Survey respondents also believed that expanding the scope of practice in Alabama would both increase membership to the ASCA, as well as the number of patients seeking chiropractic care. Seventy-eight percent of the ASCA membership responded to this survey, which indicates that the outcome is a good representation of the climate of the chiropractic profession statewide.

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