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World Spine Care was founded in 2008, Scott Haldemanthe inspiration of Scott Haldeman, a leading figure in the assessment and treatment of spinal disorders. World Spine Care has rapidly attracted a world-class leadership team around its vision of universal care for the devastation caused by spinal disorders in the developing world. The Board of Directors includes Elon Musk, co-founder of PayPal, CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX, and Chairman of the Musk Foundation. Active participants in the World Spine Care programs include medical physicians, surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, and scientists from Canada and the U.S., with representation from Europe, Asia and Africa.

World Spine Care (WSC) has been launched to fill the profound gap in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions found in the developing world. WSC is a multinational not-for-profit organization, bringing together the full spectrum of health care professionals involved in spinal health – medical physicians and specialists, surgeons, chiropractors, and physiotherapists. WSC is focused on providing evidence-based, culturally integrated prevention, assessment, and treatment of spinal disorders in the developing world. The flagship project involves developing and initial deployment of a universal model of care for spinal disorders, designed for practical application by front-line health care workers in developing nations worldwide.

The clinical model developed by WSC involves an inter-professional, multidisciplinary approach to spinal disorders that incorporates the best available scientific evidence into the cultural, political, medical, and economic values of targeted communities. WSC integrates its approach into existing local healthcare systems and takes steps to ensure that the care provided to people with spinal disorders continues on a permanent basis.

Each World Spine Care Center will act as a primary care clinic for any person seeking help with a musculoskeletal and more specifically a spinal complaint. The screening and assessment protocols that World Spine Care has developed will be used to determine the appropriate direction of care. The vast majority of the patient complaints will be managed within the World Spine Care clinics that will be staffed by clinicians with special training in low technology, low cost, evidence based protocols that include education, exercise and manual therapies directed at spinal conditions and musculoskeletal pain. For those patients who require secondary and tertiary care, they will be referred to medical specialists within the participating country, or to volunteer specialists that World Spine Care will recruit for short term visits to provide the required services (rheumatologists, spine surgeons, etc.).

The development of local capacity is a key focus for World Spine Care. In each community, World Spine Care will provide community education on the prevention of spinal injuries and spine hygiene. Local health care providers will be recruited and scholarships provided to allow advanced training in spine care. This will enable the spine care centers to eventually be run by local practitioners.

For more detailed information about the World Spine Care model and what you can do to help go to World Spine Care.

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