Just In Case You Don’t Believe Me

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SOURCE:   Texas Medicine Journal 2011 (Apr 1); 107 (4): 20-26

For those of you who want limited prescription rights, and believe that Organized Medicine wishes you well, please review this abstract from an Editorial in the Texas Medicine Journal.

Medicine Under Attack

The Texas Medical Association is fending off attacks on the practice of medicine by nonphysician practitioners who want to expand their scope of practice and diagnose and treat patients without going to medical school. Most recently, TMA went to court to protect patients, filing another lawsuit against the Texas Board of Chiropractic Examiners.

That, my friend, is the sound of war drums beating.

Did you notice their (not so) subtle counter-attack? Not only do they want to deny you the right to prescribe, they also question your ability (and right) to diagnose. And the AMA is happy to fund State Associations who’d like to cause this kind of mischief.

But.. isn’t that a “normal reaction” against those who want to poach on their scope of practice? Wouldn’t you do the same thing, if YOU were in their shoes?

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