Chiropractic and Sports Success

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John’s recent posting about the Sid Crosby Press Conference with Dr. Ted Carrick has excited many of our readers, as well as going completely viral on the web, because it really struck a nerve. (excuse the pun)

I’m more of a football fan, so I thought you might also like to hear how Jerry Rice (the all-time NFL leader in touchdowns) maintained his long and productive football career by receiving regular chiropractic care.

Jerry Rice Shares His Personal Success With Chiropractic

Joe Montana is a 4-time winner of the Super Bowl, and he credits his career resiliency to chiropractic.

Joe Montana Talks About His Chiropractor

Chiropractic has been serving athletes for years. Here are some legends from the past, including Michael Jordan and Joe Montana, and some current successful athletes like Tiger Woods and Lance Armstrong. They have all been using chiropractic for increased performance, quick recovery, to keep themselves from getting sick, and to keep themselves happy.

Chiropractic Athletes

You might also enjoy this clip from the Doctor Oz show, as he provides a simple explanation for
how chiropractic works