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The Chiro.Org Blog

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Every Blog post is an announcement of new material that was just added to one of our many Sections.

I have been compiling (and archiving) peer-reviewed articles since early 1996, and to date we have almost 6,000 Abstracts, and hundreds of Full-Text articles on a wide variety of subjects.

When enough material, relating to a particular topic was collected, it was gathered into a new Topical Page in one of our many Sections.

Each Topical page is located in the Section most associated with that topic. Thus, our Attention Deficit Page is located (is a part of) our Pediatrics Section   You get the idea.

Almost ALL of our Sections contain some, or many Topical collections. The LINKS Section is the most extreme example, because it contains 93 different topical pages.

All of the following are “active” Sections that are constantly adding new (and important) materials:

Alternative Healing Abstracts
Case Studies
Chiropractic Assistants
Chiropractic Research
Medicare Info
Stroke and Chiropractic Page
What is the Chiropractic Subluxation?

These other valuable Sections are “archival” in nature, and contain valuable tools for you to use freely:

Chiropractic History
Free Images
New DC’s
Office Forms
R.C. Schafer’s Rehab Monographs
Search Section

How Blog Posts Work

The following is a Graphic “screen grab” of a Blog Post from our Home Page.


This is a screen-shot of a front page Blog Post.

When you click on the TITLE up top, it takes you to a
full-width Blog post, which contains a few more paragraphs.

If you click on the SOURCE Link, that will take you
directly to the Full Text article, in whatever Section
that it was posted to.

When you arrive at the Full Text article, if you tap the END
button, it will jump to the bottom of that article, where
you can see which Topical page(s) this article links to,
and where it originated from.

This is the easiest way to get to the Mother Load of materials
on the topic you are reading about.

The more you play around, the more you will discover.
Enjoy the Topical Collection pages, wherever you find them.