Applied Physiotherapy in Chiropractic

By Richard C. Schafer, DC, FICC

An authoratative text on physical therapy from A to Z, by 2 well published chiropractic authors. Dr. Schafer is the most published chiropractic author, having generated over $ 2.7 million dollars in book sales for the ACA. Dr. Jaskoviak ran the PT department at NCC, and now teaches @ Parker College. The finest reference regarding chiropractic physical therapy available.

Table of Contents
1.     The Rationale of Physiotherapy in Chiropractic   Free Sample

2.   Pain Suppression in the Twentieth Century

3.     Commonly Used Meridian Points   Free Sample

4.   Superficial Heat Therapies

5.   Deep Heat Therapies

6.   Cryotherapies

7.   Low-Frequency Currents

8.   High-Volt Therapy

9.   Interferential-Interference Current Therapy

10.   Microcurrent Therapy

11.   Hydrotherapy

12.   Traction, Stretching, Vibration, and Bracing

13.   Rehabilitation Methodology   Free Sample

14.   Posttraumatic Exercise and Its Prerequisites

15.   Chiropractic Perspectives on Myofascial Therapy   Free Sample

Applied Physiotherapy (as a PDF)