The Chiropractic Assistant

By Richard C. Schafer, DC, FICC

Widely used 583-page text for certified chiropractic paraprofessionals. Describes career opportunities, office roles, duties and functions, clinical terminology, introduction to human anatomy/physiology, human relations in health care, administrative responsibilities, office economics, billings and collections, documentation, computer science, insurance and medicolegal considerations.

Table of Contents

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1.   Introduction to a Rewarding Career   Free Sample

2.   The Important Role of the Chiropractic Assistant

3.   The Health-Service Role of the Doctor of Chiropractic   Free Sample

4.   The Language of the Health-Care Professions   Free Sample

5.   Understanding the Human Body

6.   Human Relations in Health Care

7.   Responsibilities of an Administrative Assistant   Free Sample

8.   Professional Office Economics

9.   Preparation of Professional Documents

10.   Brief Introduction to Computer Science

11.   Insurance Considerations

12.   Medicolegal Considerations

13.   Introduction to Duties of a Clinical Assistant

14.   Typical Functions of a Clinical Assistant


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