Motion Palpation and Chiropractic Technique

By Richard C. Schafer, DC, FICC

Compilation of the writings of Dr. Henri J. Gillet with commentaries by Dr. L. J. Faye. Describes the dynamic chiropractic paradigm, basic clinical approach, and specific applications for the cervical spine, thoracic spine, lumbar spine, pelvis, extremities, and fixation complexes.

Table of Contents
1.   Introduction to the Dynamic Chiropractic Paradigm   Free Sample

2.   The Basic Clinical Approach in Dynamic Chiropractic

3.   The Cervical Spine   Free Sample

4.   The Thoracic Spine

5.   The Lumbar Spine   Free Sample

6.   The Pelvis   Free Sample

7.   Spinal Fixation Complexes

8.   The Extraspinal Axial and Upper Extremity Joints

9.   The Lower Extremity Joints

Motion Palpation (as a PDF)