The RCGP - Clinical and Special Projects, Clinical Guidelines, Acute Low Back Pain. Contents, Index page


Clinical Guidelines for the Management of
Acute Low Back Pain

Review Date: December 2001
ISBN Number 0 85084 229 8


The Guideline Development Group
List of Tables
List of Figures
Brief Version of Guidelines
Chapter 1. Methods of the Evidence Review and Recommendation Development
Chapter 2. Evidence Review
Chapter 3. Principal Recommendations Linked to Evidence
Chapter 4. Charts and Algorithms adapted from the Clinical Standards Advisory Group Report on Back Pain


Further information and copies of the full evidence base for these guidelines are available from:

Royal College of General Practitioners
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Contributing Organisations
Royal College of General Practitioners
Chartered Society of Physiotherapy
British Osteopathic Association
British Chiropractic Association
National Back Pain Association

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Waddell G, McIntosh A, Hutchinson A, Feder G, Lewis M, (1999) Low Back Pain Evidence Review London: Royal College of General Practitioners

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