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The FUN! Page

The FUN! Page

If you have other "fun" links you'd like to share,
please send them to:

         Take the Stress Test and see how you are going. Do it NOW!

   Illusions and Paradoxes Page
         The Scientific Psychic has collected some awesome illusions for you to enjoy.

   George Carlin's Humor
         When George asks "Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?",
         most people laugh! Read more right here!

   Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
         Can't remember the title of a movie, or who was in it, or wrote it? Then this is the data base for you!

   The Beacon
         Palmer College's own Student Newspaper goes electronic.

   Would you like to meet my favorite guitarist,   Leo Kottke?
         Recent updates include an "Amazon.Com" CD page.
         Any CD's you purchase will help to support our non-commercial website.

   Experience Music Project (EMP)
         Seattle's new Experience Music Project is a $100 million, technology-enhanced repository
         of American pop music where anyone can be a rock star.

         A gateway to the best online science resources and breaking research news.

   Ravinia Outdoor Music Festival

   Car Talk
         National Public Radio's Hilarious Show about Automobile Maintenance

   Get 'ta Know Me!-   The Frank Page
         Get to know the Frank-man, the "Link-ster", and find out about his secret life as a CIA operative!

   Art Institute of Chicago

   Celtic Music on the Internet

   Scientific American

   Sierra Club

   American Visionary Art Museum

   Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum Web Site

   New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art

   Hearts of Space

   PEANUTS Website


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