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Wake Up - We're in a Race for Scientific Ownership of Manipulation
William Meeker,DC, MPH, FICC

For several years now, many have pointed out that our major clinical intervention, that family of procedures we call adjustments/manipulation, is no longer a "quack" remedy. That designation changed dramatically over a decade ago with the publication of the RAND appropriateness studies, the AHCPR guidelines on back conditions, and a fair number of randomized clinical trials.

Informatics Skills:
Weakness in the Foundation of Research

Proceedings of the 2002 International Conference on Spinal Manipulation 2002 (Oct)

From the ten biomedical peer reviewed journals chosen for this analysis, and the total of seventy-three (73) reviews of the literature, only three (3) articles had all the six criteria for replication and verification of the literature search. Forty percent gave none of the necessary criteria at all. These omissions and errors can ultimately effect clinical decisions upon which readers, health care professionals and other experts, are challenged to make on a daily basis.

Trash Talking in Science
From your loyal scribe's viewpoint, the dialogue within the clinical research community has often descended to these terms - or even lower. Despite the common perception that scientific dialogue is necessarily carried out on some lofty, Olympian plane, it sometimes falls short for a variety of all-too-human reasons.

Dump Subluxation? Give Me a Break!
William Meeker,DC, MPH, FICC

The front-page headline of the September issue (volume 13, no. 12) of the Chiropractic Journal reads "Research Conference Urges Profession to Dump Subluxation." Well, I'm here to tell you that nothing even remotely of the kind happened, and I still find it hard to understand why one person, Matthew McCoy, chose to spin the story so inaccurately, especially after (silently) sitting through only one morning of an extensive three-day meeting at my invitation (and Palmer's expense). A responsible journalist who didn't hear the whole story would have checked not only his facts, but his context as well.

Stalking the "S" Word:   A Response to the Sludge Report
Anthony Rosner, PhD, Director of education and research at the Foundation for Chiropractic Education and Research (FCER) since 1992, responds to the Sludge article.


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