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Our Chiropractic Philosophy

Chiropractors, for over 100 years now, have talked about the “innate intelligence” of the body, or that “internal wisdom”, which helps us to heal.   A chiropractor's intention is to identify and remove obstacles that prevent our full expression of health.   This is accomplished by looking for interference in the nervous system's control of the body, by what we call a spinal subluxation.

Today, chiropractors have added much to that simple philosophy, with the addition of supervised rehabilitation, nutritional counseling, stress management, soft tissue manipulation, exercise programs, acupuncture, and weight reduction techniques.   This "whole person approach" addresses all the factors that contribute to overall wellness.

Our office guarantees you the most advanced analysis, treatment, and attention to your health challenges.   We have created an atmosphere for healing, with a professional and caring staff that puts your health first.   The methods used are gentle, safe and effective for all ages.

The Services We Provide:

Chiropractic Rehabilitation
Acupuncture Alternative “Medicine”
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Our Hours:

Monday: 101   and   37
Tuesday: 101   and   37
Wednesday: 101   and   37
Thursday: 101   and   37
Friday: 101   and   37
Saturday: 10 AM   to   1 PM
Off schedule visits by appointment only

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