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Rehabilitation Monograph Series

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The following copyrighted papers by R. C. Schafer, DC, PhD, FICC are provided as a service to health-care professionals.   There is no charge for individuals to copy and file these papers.   However, they may not be sold, or used in any group or commercial venture, without written permission from the copyright holder.

To retrieve the text articles,  just click the appropriate link in the left column below. Each monograph lists topics on the first page for quick reference.   You might also enjoy Dr. Schafer's Dynamic Chiropractic articles


Patient Satisfaction Cost-Effectiveness Safety of Chiropractic

Exercise + Chiropractic Chiropractic Rehab Integrated Care

Headache Adverse Events Disc Herniation

Chronic Neck Pain Low Back Pain Whiplash Section

Conditions That Respond Alternative Medicine Approaches to Disease


Rehabilitation Monograph Series
Monograph   1
    A Basic Rehabilitative Template
Monograph   2
    Fundamentals of Initial Case Management Following Trauma
Monograph   3
    First-Aid Considerations in Posttraumatic Bleeding and Shock
Monograph   4
    Posttraumatic Evaluation Protocols
Monograph   5
    Posttraumatic Subluxation-Fixation Implications
Monograph   6
    The Need for Adequate Conditioning
Monograph   7
    Evaluating Functional Performance
Monograph   8
    Joint Trauma: Perspectives of a Chiropractic Family Physician
Monograph   9
    Foundation of Biomechanical Evaluation Following Trauma
Monograph   10
    Special Considerations in Female Athletics
Monograph   11
    Factors Underlying Physiologic Tests for Physical Fitness
Monograph   12
    Cranial/Facial Trauma 
Monograph   13
    TMJ Trauma and Its Rehabilitation
Monograph   14
    Injuries to the Eye and Ear
Monograph   15
    Soft-Tissue Neck Trauma
Monograph   16
    Shoulder Girdle Trauma
Monograph   17
    Arm and Elbow Trauma
Monograph   18
    Forearm and Wrist Trauma
Monograph   19
    Hand and Finger Trauma
Monograph   20
    Priority Appraisal Following Anterior Thorax Trauma
Monograph   21
    Priority Appraisal Following Abdominopelvic Trauma
Monograph   22
    Cervical Spine Trauma
Monograph   23
    Upper Back and Thoracic Spine Trauma
Monograph   24
    Lower Back Trauma
Monograph   25
    Hip and Thigh Trauma
Monograph   26
    Knee and Leg Trauma
Monograph   27
    Ankle, Foot, and Toe Trauma
Monograph   28
    Skin and Nail Trauma and Related Disorders
General Interest Series
Monograph   A1
    Health Professional Practice-Building Tip
Monograph   A2
    Foundations of Healing
Monograph   A3
Monograph   A4
    Thoughts I've Tried to Live By
Monograph   A5
    In Horses as in Men
Monograph   A6
    A Voice in the Silence
Monograph   A7
    A Plea for Basic Principles
Monograph   A8
    Recognizing Propaganda
Monograph   A9
    A Fair Day's Work
Monograph   A10
    The Anti-Cloning of the Physician
Monograph   A11
Historic Notes Series
Monograph   B1
    Requiem for the American Chiropractic Association
Monograph   B2
    The Art of Pioneer Chiropractic Technic
Monograph   B3
    ACAPress Publishing Track Record
Ode to RCS
    Ode to Richard Schafer
In Memoriam
    In Memoriam ~ Richard C. Schafer

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