Author: Virgil Seutter
Date:     October 8, 1997
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7.0  Holism, Chiropractic, and the Philosophy of Science  (7.0)

7.1. Understanding holism as a science has been difficult for the professions of both medicine and chiropractic. The contextual nature of holism does not permit ready access to tools that begin an analysis of its deeper mechanism as one that fits the reductionist model for inquiry. Indeed, definition is yet to be formulated. Options for analysis are limited to theoretical inquiry. Holism, as a foreseeable, predictable science cannot be understood without definition. In this sense, any scrutiny of holism as a potential science is forced into an area of inquiry more suitable to the philosophy of science. The identification of parameters that constitute a science may be more critical at this stage of inquiry.

7.2. Some attempt to find tangible relationships between holism and chiropractic have already emerged in the literature. The discussion addresses holism as a core paradigm in the chiropractic model of treatment. The first discussion suggests that the ability to understand chiropractic centers around the interpretation of the placebo effect and how the interpretation varies from the holistic model to the mechano-engineering model of inquiry. A second discussion emphasizes theoretical model building and the "contextual" versus "molecular" nature of manual methods from a holistic perspective. Both shed light on the nature of the inquiry that needs to be addressed within chiropractic.

Seutter, V. "Commentary: Holism, Alternative Medicine, and Why Chiropractic Embraces It. Holism, Chiropractic, and the Philosophy of Science" Chiropractic Resource Organization. 8 Oct 1997. ChiroZine ISSN1525-4550
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