Basic Principles of Chiropractic Neuroscience
[Previously Titled: Basic Principles of Chiropractic: The Neuroscience Foundation of Clinical Practice]

By Richard C. Schafer, DC, FICC

© Copyright 1995-1998 R. C. Schafer, DC, PhD, FICC

Table of Contents

Part I: Introduction
1.   An Introduction to the Principles of Chiropractic   Free Sample

2.   General Principles of Clinical Neurology   Free Sample

Part II: The Neurologic Systems
3.   The Longitudinal Neurologic Systems   Free Sample

4.   The Horizontal Neurologic Levels   Free Sample

Part III: Clinical Neurology
5.   Neuroconceptual Models in Chiropractic   Free Sample

6.   General Causes and Potential Effects of the Subluxation Complex   Free Sample

7.   Specific Potentialities of the Subluxation Complex   Free Sample

8.   Clinical Disorders and the Sensory System   Free Sample

9.   Clinical Disorders and the Motor System   Free Sample

10.   Clinical Disorders and the Autonomic Nervous System   Free Sample

        Bibliography 732

11.   Epilogue 746

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