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Saturday 20th of July 2024
Chiro Org Site Map

Welcome to Chiro.org - the best Chiropractic website for news and information! If your browser does not show you drop down menus at the top of the page, you can navigate our web site using the site map.

You will never have a clue about the full extent of our materials until you plink around, looking at our many Sections.

All of the following are "ACTIVE" Sections that are
constantly adding new (and important) materials:

Alternative Healing Abstracts
Case Studies
Chiropractic Assistants
Chronic Neck Pain
Conditions That Respond Well
Global Burden of Disease
Initial Provider/First Contact
Low Back Pain
Medicare Info
Non-pharmacologic Therapy
Nutrition and Health
The SEARCH Section
Stroke and Chiropractic
What is the Chiropractic Subluxation?

The following are "ARCHIVAL" Sections that are occasionally updated: ChiroZine
Image Archive
New DCs
R. C. Schafer's Rehabilitation Monographs
Virgil Seutter, DC Archive
Wilk, et al vs. the AMA

Both our Site Map and our Search Page have been updated, to reflect the 10 new Sections displayed above. Each one also has its own Search Tool, to speed your discoveries. We also recently moved (July 2, 2022) to a NEW server, so now ALL our search tools are blazingly fast!

We are Street Legal !

Chiro.Org turned 28 years old this March! (2023). We remain the oldest existing chiropractic website! When Ed Merrifield registered the Chiro.Org domain in 1995, there were less than 10,000 websites on the whole Planet.

  • We want to thank our webmasters (volunteers all!) and our Sponsors
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  • The Documentation Section
    • Please explore our Documentation Association Recommendations section, which contains detailed recommendations from National Associations for documenting:
      • Record Keeping
      • Initial Exams
      • Clinical Impression and Diagnosis, and
      • Outcome Assessment

    • Review our Useful Tools section, which contains useful form letters, including:
      • Initial and Progress Insurance Letters
      • Initial and Progress Report Templates, and
      • other Useful Forms

    • Maximize the Effectiveness of your Documentation by reviewing this in-depth article, available exclusively at Chiro.Org, thanks to the author Dr. Robert Mootz. Thanks Bob!

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    We are still a non-commercial and non-profit site. Everyone working here is an upaid volunteer. While the early years of Chiro.Org were supported by donations from our unpaid workers, we now accept select sponsors whose ad fees defray our site expenses only. Please visit our Sponsors Page and support the companies who help bring Chiro.Org to you.

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