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Who We Are:

  • The Chiropractic Resource Organization, located at, is a non-profit organization [501(c)(6)], founded and run by unpaid volunteers.   It is maintained by chiropractors, for chiropractors, with no thought of reward.

  • Chiro.Org, established in March of 1995, is the oldest existing chiropractic website, following the retirement of John Wiens, DC's Chiropractic Page to our Archives section.

  • Chiro.Org averages between   100-170,000 unique visits per month.

    According to Alexa.Com,   1,649 websites link to our content,
    magnifying (exponentially) our Sponsor's exposure every day.
    This makes us (hands-down) the most visited chiropractic website on Planet Earth

Over the last 27 years, Chiro.Org has remained true to our original vision - to bring balanced, non-confrontational, and non-solicitous information of value to the Chiropractic profession.

Our continually growing site is also archival in nature, and most sections even have their own dedicated search tools, so our vast collection of research studies and articles are readily available, and are constantly accessed by our Profession.

As a non-profit organization, we need to generate revenues to support our operating and maintenance costs,
which in the past had been subsidized by donations from our worker-volunteers.

There is no other Chiropractic website that offers more free and useful information to the
Profession than Chiro.Org
.   That's why we have a consistantly high level of traffic.

We provide a full spectrum of information: We also maintain detailed sections, including 10 () new ones, devoted to:

What We Provide: seeks to work with companies who are trying to reach the chiropractic profession with their products and services.   We offer access to our readership of thousands of practitioners and doctors-to-be, at a very reasonable rate.   And, unlike other forms of media, which have rates based on circulation or viewership, our modest rates will not increase as our readership continues to grow. (More "hits" at that same low cost!).   We average 100-170,000 unique visitors per month (note - that's not hits, but rather unique visits!).   Further, your ad will be available for viewing 24 hours a day, every day on more than 6,700 pages!   It's doubtful that any other advertising media you have used can come close to the economy of our rates for reaching our targeted national readership.

We offer one simple approach for reaching our vast readership:

Banner advertising.   Banners are a familiar and striking visual method for communicating your name and products to our readers.   When our readers click on your graphic ad, they will immediately be transported to your home page.

Banner graphics are an effective and easily recognized mechanism for learning more about you.   Our readers appreciate our sponsors, because of our unique format.   We also limit the number of, and the quality of our sponsors, so the traffic from our site will be highly motivated to do business with you.   In addition to the graphic banner ad, you will also receive a 50-word product and services description on our Sponsors Page.

Unlike most websites, your banner is not isolated on a 'supplier or advertiser' page, which requires a user to intentionally visit that section to even see your banner.

Your banner will appear atop 6,200 of our most-visited pages, and because the banners are randomly rotated by an internal clock, each banner receives equal exposure.

The Design of Your Banner:

Your Ad will be sized 420x60 pixels and will be no larger than 40 KB.

Your Investment:

  • Banner ads are $250 for a 6-month contract.
    NOTE:   Those rates are discounted to $400 for a full 1-year banner.

  • There is no setup charge if you create and submit your own banner as a GIF format,
    sized to the 420 x 60 pixel format, with a maximum file size of 40 KB.

  • If you don't have a banner, we can create one for you.
    The cost is $100 for a “static” banner, or $125 for an “animated” banner.

  • NOTE:   There will be a $25 handling fee any time you replace or update your banner
    during the period of your contract.

There is one other option for banner sponsors:

Some of our most-visited pages receive between 8,000 to 16,000 unique visitors per month.
So you can choose to become the exclusive sponsor of your favorite page.

Please speak with Michael about this unique option, once you have filled out the Sales Form

As you have already seen, your banner will appear (in rotation with the other banners) on the top of our 5,200 pages.

Because we average 100-160,000 unique visits month, with readers browsing from page to page, that's a LOT of exposure for a small group of banner sponsors!   We feel this offer is mutually beneficial.   The select companies that advertise at Chiro.Org receive exposure to our large chiropractic audience, and also help to support a non-profit organization whose goals are to improve and inform the very same profession that buys their products.

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Our online sales form directs you to provide the company information
that we will need to prepare your banner ad.

After clicking on the “I have read the Contract” button,
your application will be transmitted to Michael, our Ad Manager.

Your ad placement will not occur until payment has been received.

**NOTE: We limit the number of banners ads to (16), to assure exceptional exposure for our sponsors.   When we reach our current limit for banners, others wishing to become a sponsor will be placed on a first-come, first-serve waiting-list, and will be offered a banner should an existing sponsor fail to renew.   Those wishing to be placed on our wait-list must provide 25% (or $100) earnest money to hold their place in line.   This non-refundable fee will be applied towards your banner fee, once a space becomes available.

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